About TKC

The Katch Company was organically formed by John Hardy after his network All Around Morgantown started gaining attraction based on his photography. Real Estate agent in the area took notice to his talents and employed him to embark on realty content.

In five years time, Hardy has worked over 1700 commercial and residential real estate listings valuing over $700M. Out of all of those projects 85% of them sold. Not too shabby.

During this time, other ventures became a focus and this is when TKC became the Mothership for multiple businesses. J. Hardy, All Around Morgantown (DAAMWV), Wicked Woods Clothing and the coming soon HardyCart. Will these be the only ones? Probably not!

Katch has a wide network of friends that we work with in case we can’t service a particular project or to pair up for total domination! No really… we have some fantastic partnerships!

Stay tuned to see what all will be caught with KATCH!